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Pierce the Veil - Caraphernelia [x]
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Hey everyone! How have all of you been? It’s been quite a while! I’m sure we all saw that our boys in Pierce The Veil won the Golden God Award for ‘This Is A Wasteland’! Congrats boys!

Anyway… I have some news for you guys! Since we all know that an album release (hopefully by the end of this…

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The prom dress I’m getting!
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Anonymous asked: I LOVE YOU JAIME PRECIADO!!!

I’m not Jaime. his tumblr is ptvjaimepreciado

Anonymous asked: where are you :(

Sorry!! School has been so hectic. I might end up giving it away to someone since I start college.. well culinary school this August. & since PTV haven’t been on tour, there isn’t a lot of pics for me to reblog, I don’t wanna reblog the same photos everytime. Sorry loves!!! :)

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Jaime Preciado - Pierce The Veil
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Pierce The Veil | Hell Above
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