Does anyone want to co-own this account? I’m never on it lmap

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guys 😎😎😎

guess what?

a few songs in there set he finally noticed & smiled at me. Jaek, their guitarist, noticed me also & kept smiling at me. 

anyways, AK noticed me a few times while I helped scream along to the lyrics. i screamed them while he watched me 😊

Before their other song AK was like “I want to see everyone jumping to this next song!” He looked at me & I shook my head no. lol as a joke. he laughed & was like “this song is dedicated to you, so you better be jumping!” lol so I did jump duh since I was barricade for da bae πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ 

this was san antonio date btw

Anonymous said: Are you going to warped

yes I go today!! ((june 14)) 😁😁😁


*at my wedding*

me: I’d do you

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After three years, we finally get to tell you that… WE HAVE AN ALBUM !!! you can preorder from midnight (local time!) weds 14th may !! everyone that does preorder it on iTunes will get to download a new track from the album straight away ;) and you’ll also get a bunch of other tracks to hear & own before the release!   

We’ve been working on this so hard for you and it feels so good that we finally get to release it. We really hope you’ll like it. All the info you need is below… We love you! - Cal, Ash, Mikey & Luke x #FinallyA5sosAlbum

'5 Seconds of Summer' Album Preorder Links & Release DatesiTunes (standard version): (deluxe version): 27: Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, SwedenJune 30: Everywhere else!!!July 16: JapanJuly 22: USA, Canada, Mexico
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BABY!!! At least I’m not considered a pedo since he’s only 17 & I’m 18 right lolz?

here’s my babe tho you guys :)

I’ve got 2 new loves… They are Luke Hemmings & Ashton Irwin of 5SOS

That doesn’t mean I still don’t adore Jaime, or Tony. Haha, but they are the reason I’m barely on this account…Β 

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Jaime Preciado and Vic Fuentes- Pierce The Veilmy gif, please don't change or remove source
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Where are you looking at Vic?
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Jaime please bring the cool weather to California 
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I’ll never forget this hug.
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Pierce The Veil by sheriberman. on Flickr.
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Pierce The Veil by Eckstine on Flickr.
Small Grey Outline Pointer